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Kimberly Hughes LMT, NMT

About Massage Therapy

Kimberly Massage Therapy in St. PetersburgHello and thank you for visiting my page. If you are looking for a qualified and experienced massage therapist, you have come to the right place. I have worked in all aspects of massage from elegant day spas to chiropractic offices all of which totaling over 11 years of full time experience. Most of my experience has been in a clinical setting helping those with acute and chronic pain. I love doing neuromuscular therapies and deep tissue sports massage because I feel that I am really making a difference in how someone feels and am an integral part of their recovery from an injury. I am certified in pregnancy massage, neuromuscular therapies, and have medical massage training through the LMT Success group.

I also do relaxation massage, hot stone massage with aromatherapy and a paraffin wax treatment to the hands and or feet for relief of arthritic pain.

Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are many benefits of getting a massage on a regular basis. Regular massage therapy can greatly improve circulation. Increasing the blood flow to an area helps to promote healing.

Receiving therapeutic massage after recovering from a surgery can greatly reduce the formation of adhesions that often reduce normal muscle flexibility. Cross fiber friction is a neuromuscular therapy that is often prescribed after surgical wounds have adequately healed to alleviate the formation of these adhesions.

During a massage, endorphins are released which are beneficial in managing pain, stress, insomnia and depression naturally. It is a noted benefit of massage that the immune system is much improved. Lengthening and stretching muscle tissue helps to increase range of motion and reduce the likelihood of muscle tears and injuries to those with an active lifestyle as well as flushing out excess lactic acid from overworked muscles.

With the exception of a few contraindicated health conditions, massage is beneficial to almost everyone. I do require that all clients fill out an intake form prior to their first appointment to assess this. If you are ready to choose better health and well being call now or use my online scheduling application.

$20.00 Off Your First Massage ~ Call Now 727-698-5791

9am - 6pm
9am - 6pm
9am - 2pm
9am - 2pm
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9am - 2pm

$20.00 Off Your First Massage ~ Call Now 727-698-5791

One Hour Relaxation
90 Minutes Relaxation
One Hour Pregnancy Massage
30 Minutes Neuromuscular Therapy
One Hour Deep Tissue Massage
90 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage
90 Minutes Hot Stone & Aromatherapy Massage
Paraffin Add On Wax - Hands or Feet

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What Are People Saying?

  • As a self employed advertising salesperson and marketing consultant, I decided over 20 years ago to assist my health by homeopathic solutions including weekly massage. Kim's skills as a therapist are as good as I've found. I've had no major health issues even though I'm approaching 60 years of age, and I believe massage therapy has allowed me to keep the edge for my personal life and my professional life.

    Paula G.

  • I purchased a massage with Kimberly on Groupon. It was excellent. Her years of experience really show. I will definitely become a repeat customer!

    Margo Christie

  • This was one of the best massages that I have ever experienced! Kimberly has an excellent touch that is both therapeutic and relaxing. I highly recommend her!!!

    Dana Antelope

  • Very affordable, especially with Groupon. She does a great job, the facility is clean and peaceful. I've been twice and it's great!!

    Shari Kamerling

  • Great deep tissue massage. Left there without the constant sciatica pain I accustomed to. Relaxing atmosphere and wonderful services. Will be scheduling more!

    Danielle Lee

  • Aaahmazing. Very professional and the setting is very relaxing. Will definitely will return.

    Nesha Johnson

  • Amazing massage!

    Colin Smith

  • Kimberly is probably one of the best massage therapists. She listens well and focuses on the areas you need. She also applies great pressure if you want a deep tissue massage.

    Marie M.

  • Kim was very good, enjoyed.


  • The massage was wonderful. Kimberly was very good. The only complaint I had was the office was a bit cold, but as soon as I mentioned it, Kimberly brought me another blanket.

    Dana K.

  • Kimberly is talented and able to pinpoint "problem" areas through her techniques. She then is able to address concerns in a way that leaves you rejuvenated instead of in pain. Highly recommend her!

    Heather C.

  • BEST MASSAGE EVER! Very relaxing, professional. She truly cares about getting any trouble areas, kinks, etc. So worth it and will definitely be back!

    Allison S.

  • Kimberly was an excellent massage therapist. She was professional and knows her craft well. The place was easy to find, clean and very relaxing.

    Dana M.

  • Fantastic, I plan to go to her again for relief of aches and pains and relaxation!

    AJ S.

  • Great massage. Easy scheduling. Relaxing atmosphere. I had the deep tissue massage with specific focus areas. Kimberly was amazing. I left with much more flexibility and my sciatica was not there. She did techniques with my focus areas that did wonders!

    Dannielle C.

  • I am an athlete and have had back, piriformis, and IT problems. Kim knew exactly what to do to help. The deep tissue massage I had was sensational.

    Louise O.

  • Great massage. I felt completely relaxed when she finished!


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